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LMD-Logo I learned square dancing with the GEMENER BURGTÄNZER Borken and the HANNOVER HEARTIES in 1991.

I started calling in 1992 for the LUCKY MOONLIGHT DANCERS Bochum.

Now I am calling for the clubs on a regular basis and occasionally for other clubs in the Rhein-Sieg area and North Rhine Westphalia.

I am an active member of the European Callers and Teachers Association e.V. (ECTA)
and the International Association of Square Dance Callers (CALLERLAB).

I am calling and teaching through MS and PLUS.

Since September 2008 I'm a Staff Caller on Sting Productions.

If you need a caller or some further information feel free to contact me.

Name Ralf Bender
Address Rosenhügel 126
D-51143 Köln

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